Social Responsibility and Sustainability

    Sri Venkateswara developers has always believed that giving back to society by creating opportunities for those who need it the most can greatly enrich the lives of individuals as well as our communities as a whole. For this reason the patrons of the firm have worked to contribute to multiple causes, the major of which are outlined below:

  • Scholarship schemes, offering free education to children whose parents work in social services through ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness).
  • Multiple mid-day meal schemes through the ‘AkshayPatra’ foundation (ISKCON) and the ‘Anadhanam’ (TTD) that provides free mid-day meals everyday all across India.
  • Multiple projects in building and supporting community centers such as temples in rural Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

The endeavor to preserve and propagate a sustainable and reliable environment has also been a key concern for the company. For this reason, green technology with proven track records of energy efficiency combined with maximum durability have been widely employed throughout the spaces developed, ranging from energy efficient lighting to water recycling systems and rain water harvesting.